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Q:Why choose as your agent and what is the difference between and its competitors?
A: First what is the real and biggest difference is : All our listed Chinese Girls  or Women are real, no fake one or stolen pictures, not like some other websites listing a lot of unavailable girls pictures. There is no cheating or no games here. All are real.
We are totally different from others, in terms of honesty and being real, it means that the Chinese bride pictures listed will be absolutely and exactly the same as the real Chinese woman to meet when you go to China. You will not meet a different Chinese woman from the listed pictures on our website, no games and no cheatings at all. No hidden charge and no unknown fee. Our service is lump sum, one time payment only. We are a local Service Center and located in Los Angeles, USA, not overseas. We are under the jurisdiction of California Law and US Ferderal Law. So we are trustworthy, we do such honest service based on our clients' mouth words or mouth spreading/advertisement. If we play games or cheat you, you can sue us in USA because we are established and based in Los Angeles, California and also we are registered and licensed in California. What we do is always transparent and legitmate, also absolutely reasonable, your satisfaction is our ultimate happiness, highest goal and only purpose. If you go with overseas Marriage Services, you may more possibly and easily encounter such hassels, headaches and cheatings, that means you saw the pictures of the Chinese bride, but actually you would meet a totally different Chinese woman when you travel to China. Therefore, open your eyes and mind, be careful and don't believe only cheaper price offered. Don't fall into trap. Check marriage agency scams by this link: &
Q:Why are Chinese Brides Too Popular?
A: Every year, thousands of Chinese brides come to the United States by getting sponsored from their American husbands. When they come to a new country, they still keep traditional customs. Chinese girls are very family oriented. Chinese-Western women are independent compared to Chinese women who live in China. So, many Chinese-Western men wish to return to their original country to get married with traditional girls. Chinese girls are too popular by their good traits. A Chinese bride is a very good housewife. She can cook delicious meals daily. She can clean the house. She can do all things at home. You can watch television shows while your wife cooks dinner.
In general, many Chinese mail order brides looking for husbands on the Internet, if you want to look for one, you must register for a personal ad and start searching for your soul mate. Today, there are thousands of Chinese men or ABC(America Born Chinese), who live in the West, marry mail-order brides. The way they know each other is easy and convenient at online dating service. Chinese-Western men search for the best dating services online and register their personal ads. The girls in China who want to look for such a man must do the same procedure. After their personal ads are accepted, they can find the best partner to interact.
Chinese brides are honest and faithful/loyal in love and marriage. Chinese Brides are softer, Cute body shape and slim sized body, tender, young face looking, smooth skin, family oriented, happy to focus on taking care of the kids and husband, fond of making delicious dishes and foods, cleaning house, patient and money-saving, family budget effective, household economics sensitive. A Chinese Bride are both lovely wife and professional nurse, as well as a great helper for man's business by her high skill of finance and economics, excellent life partner for all men. In general, a mail-order bride is willing to get married with an older man who lives in Western countries. She wants to change her future because of many open opportunities in the Western nation. In other words, the old man can get married with a young girl who lives in China. The main reason is that the Chinese girls and Chinese brides are treated more gently and more fairly/equally, gain more respect and appreciation in Western society than in Chinese society, also the western men are more romantic towards their wifes than Chinese men.
Online dating service is a great way to meet the perfect Chinese bride on the Internet. It is easy and simple to find many online Chinese mail order brides because we live in this modern century. You should remember one thing in the mail-order brides online, that they only look for long-term marriage. They don’t find a short-term date. In fact, if you are interested in a girl online, you can send her a message to get acquainted with her. Then you can talk to her in face to face on Yahoo Messenger system. You love her by the way she appears online, the way she speaks on the phone, and how she acts. You buy an airplane ticket to go visit her. You love her more when you meet her in person. You then get married with her and sponsor her to your country. This is the process of meeting online Chinese brides.
Today there are thousands of Chinese brides online at Internet dating sites. Seeking your perfect partner is just a few clicks away from your home computer. Our Chinese dating service is the best way to help you find and interact with many mail-order brides who live far away internationally. These women register online personal ads to find their husbands in the West. They want to look for men who live in the West to get married and build a family. Some of the Chinese Brides are looking for husbands of the same nationality living in Western countries, but Most of them are looking for men of any nationality or Western men. Thousands of Chinese brides online are waiting to meet their soul mate.

Q: Why Should You Pursue a "Mail Order Bride" from China?

Literally there have been tens of thousands of marriages arranged through international dating agencies in the last twenty years. So, why shouldn't you consider the possibility of a foreign bride?

We live in a fast paced and highly mobile world, and most men don't marry the girl next door anymore. Most men move to get an education and to find work far away from his home or parents and that makes it much tougher to find the right mate. The old networks of family and friends that used to help people meet their mates is not nearly as strong as it was at one time and that is the main reason that internet dating has become so popular.

The modern mail order bride industry is simply an extension of a larger trend that expands your choice of potential mates much farther than most online dating services like, or eHarmony. It's that simple. The twenty-first century is a time of increasing globalization in every other sphere of life, so why not romance?

Getting married, particularly to a younger woman, is the single most important thing you can do to keep and increase your health, happiness, and financial security. So, why not at least consider a beautiful foreign bride--Chinese bride. Check details with us and take the big plunge, sign up and register with us and see how you like it. Surely we will help you seek, discover and get your perfect soul mate, your other half in your life.

Q: Why are Chinese Brides are so precious and will be short of supply?

A: According to preliminary data from the 2010 Chinese census released by Chinese Government, the sex imbalance has reached an incredible ratio by 118.08 male births to 100 female births. There are 23 million more boys compared to the population of girls between the ages of zero and 19 at this time in China, according to research conducted by the State-run China Academy of Social Science. The Academy said in a research paper that tens of thousands of young Chinese men will soon find it very difficult to find wives.The immediate cause of the gap is easy access to sex-determination technology, sex-selective abortion and the restrictions imposed by China’s so-called "One Child" law. Now it is reported that there exists a popular and funny saying in China which is concerned with the marriage worry of Chinese young men.

"If your child is a girl, I offer you my congratulations, for you are already an emperor. Why do I say so? Because the emperor’s daughter does not need to worry about getting married. But if your child is a boy, then I will worry on your behalf, for how will your son find a future wife? “If you are a girl, then congratulations, you will not have to worry about marriage no matter how you look.”

This means Chinese Brides will be short of supply even in China itself due to one child policy, it will be the same for foreign men.

Q: Do you promote or offer service for American Lady/girl/woman to look for successful, lovely and considerate Chinese Men?

A: Yes, we do help promote and offer such service for American ladies/girls/women to dig, date, meet and marry successful, lovely Chinese guys, our servie is 2 ways service, US men for Chinese women, also US women for Chinese men.

Meanwhile we will soon offer services for US men to look for beautiful and sexy East Europen ladies/girls/women for match and marriage service too.

If you have interest, please email your requirements and we will service you upon your specific and private request. Our email is:

Q: Do you service other countries men to look for Chinese Girls/Women/Ladies for Match and Marriage too?

A: Sure, why not? We are much happy to promote all races' match and marriage, all countries' marriage, men for women, women for men. This is our ultimate goal to help all human beings have a happy life, get their satisfactory soul mate. If you have interest, please email your requirements and we will service you upon your specific and private request. Our email is:

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