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Marry A Pretty, Forever-Young Chinese Wife, Bring You A Life-Time Happiness and Enjoyment

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Chinese Brides

Meet Your Sweet Dream Girl---- Marry A Beautiful & Sexy Chinese Bride


A Happy Marriage Is Much Better Than A Million Dollars and It Can Help to Earn You A Million Dollar Possibly If You Work Hard and Smart.

Woman is Crystal-Clear Water, She Represents Wealth and Wealth Star to Help You Win According to Fengshui!





                                                                                                                   Phoenix=Female                    Hand-in-Hand                         Dragon=Male


                                                                                                                   Double Happiness (Chinese Character + “Female happiness plus Male happiness)=     






Are you looking for the bride of your dreams? You are kindly recommended for Chinese brides, who are much more soft, tender, thoughtful, lovely and romantic. Well, there are over 700,000,000 Chinese women and the odds are that one of them would be right for you. There is a lot more diversity among Chinese women than outsiders usually realize. Yes, about 90% of the population is Han Chinese, the people generally referred to as Chinese, but that means that there are well over 56 different ethnic minorities living in China, which is like a whole other country or two.



For the last Thirty years you know that China's economy has undergone a substantial reform and changed from a centrally planned system that was largely closed to international trade to a more market-oriented economy that has a rapidly growing private sector and is a major player in the global economy. Now China has the third foregn exchange reserve over the world and it is the third richest Country and No. 1 creditor and debtee for USA, which means USA owes China most, like some US economist joked that China is managing better capitalism than USA. And, unlike many countries, the Chinese brides signing up to meet foreign men are often not economically deprived or socially isolated, they like friendly living envirorment, free society, fresh and clean air, stable and nice political system, more opportunities in USA. In fact, the Chinese women signing up to become modern mail order brides are among the country’s most beautiful and intelligent young women. Most of the Chinese brides tend to have good jobs in one of the big cities, like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the Chinese women have access to the internet and a lot of international television and films, especially Hollywood films and HBO. Generally, a Chinese bride does have it pretty good by almost any international standards.



Due to the pressures of the one child per family policy and most family prefer more to have a boy, instead of girl due to the feudalism, so many Chinese baby girls were aborted, as a result, there are approximately 40 million more men and boys under 65 than women and girls. Also it is popular that Chinese men beat or bully their wives or girl friends by domestic violence, even the Chinese government will not punish this cruel and brutal family violence, they treat it like internal family issue or matter. Chinese men think they are the family master, the old Chinese culture is that men require women to follow the traditional Three Obediences: Obeying her father before marriage, her husband when married, and her sons in widowhood, which is also popular in whole Asia, especially in China, Korea, Japan. Chinese women act like a submissive little flower around their husband or boyfriend, which is what most Chinese men want, the cognitive dissonance of these competing social dictates causes is immense, and it is one of the primary reason that in China somewhere, around 500 Chinese women commit suicide every day,according to estimate of the World Health Organization(WHO). In China, there exists a lot of women discrimination, sex harassment, age discrimination, image and figure discrimination against women, divorced single women and divorced women with child are disliked by Chinese men, usually over 40 years old single or divorced Chinese women are escaped by Chinese men, because Chinese men prefer younger, tender Chinese girls. That's why so many Chinese women like to marry Western men. These Chinese mail order brides are really looking for love and the chance to fulfill their potentials.



Generally, Chinese women are the most patient, pain endurance in the world, and care more for their husband and children, spend more time for their family and more hard working than any other countries' women, they are more willing to save more money and handle more family matters. In one word, Chinese wives are more lovely, money saving, capable, family oriented and look much younger than western women at the same age.



Usually, Chinese girls are considered the best women on the world for marriage because of their extra-ordinary characteristics in terms of the honesty in love, relationship, and marriage, softness and lovelyness in terms of temper and personality, as well as patience and endurance in hardship. In China, there are million of Chinese single girls, women, divorced women, who have been searching for their soul mates online. If you are a single American man, why not join them to meet with each other for less lonely and get some fun, gain life time happiness. Your other half is somewhere around you but you need to take an action to find that special someone--the other half, for yourself.

Chinese girls for marriage are everywhere there are Chinese people such as Shanghai, China towns inthe US in New York and other states, and other countries. Chinese girls are honest and sweet with their husbands and faithful to the true love. You do not see a Chinese woman to get divorced with an American man if he loves her the same way as she loves him. They try to support their own family and raise children. When Chinese girls come to America, they work so hard to take good care of their children. They can sacrifice themselves to get a better future for their children. This is the extra-ordinary of single Chinese women. However, Chinese women are not slaves for their husbands. They just treat their husbands in a better and loving manner. Here our dating sites and nice staff will work hard to help you to find your soul mate.



Chinese women for marriage are popular to the American single men. There are thousands of Chinese brides who come to the United States by getting married with Chinese American men(ABC, America - Born Chinese) or native American guys every year. The statistics have showed the larger number of Chinese mail order brides who come to USA annually. So, online dating or communication is common and simple. Thousands of single Chinese women are registering their profiles online to search for men nationally and internationally.



The Chinese brides dating service we are offering will connect you with your other half online and meet each other on sites in China, both of you can see each other, shake hands and hold or hug with each other through our sincere service. Online dating is only an initial beginning, but you still need to meet that special person face to face and make sure that you like her. Online dating is just a tool for you to search. This tool of online dating is easily abused by somebody for sex game, trick, even sex traps, because maybe you are talking or chating with a sex offender, a criminal, a ugly person, or the same sex or gay, or fake person which is hired to play a role to attract you, not like the pictures or photos supplied by the other parties. So only through face to face meeting and identifying, touching and holding, hugging and kissing, you can really find your real other half and your real soul mate. Now there are million of Chinese single ladies or women just like you looking for romance and relationship on the Internet. If you are a single American guy, why not join us and accept our true service to find your dream soul mate. We will pre-collect, pre-screen and confirm and witness all the truth and realness of the Chinese brides' identity, age, hobby, education, requirements and background before referring and recommending them to you through our scattered local Chinese offices . The process of our rommance tour is so simple thru flying to China that you can find your lover in China and win your dream girl in dreamland/wonderland, finally bring your Chinese dream girl back home in US. There is no need to go to the clubs or bars to find a date which is not so serious and maybe just for sex fun, not for marriage. Your future date is in front of your computer. Turn on your computer and email us to find your dreamed Chinese single girls, women today.

A Happy Marriage Is Much Better Than A Million Dollars and It Can Help to Earn You A Million Dollar Possibly If You Work Hard and Smart. Woman is Crystal-Clear Water, She Represents Wealth and Wealth Star to Help You Win!

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